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HMM Class Reference

#include <HMM.H>

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Detailed Description

HMM first-order hidden Markov Model

Definition at line 67 of file HMM.H.

Public Member Functions

void apply_rules (vector< TForbidRule > const &forbid_rules, vector< TEnforceAfterRule > const &enforce_rules)
int evaltagger (TaggerWord &word, TTag &tag, MorphoStream &l)
double ** get_a ()
Collection get_ambiguity_classes ()
double ** get_b ()
int get_number_ambiguity_classes ()
int get_number_states ()
 HMM (TaggerData &td)
 HMM (set< TTag > const &oc, map< string, int > const &ti, ConstantManager const &cm, vector< string > const &pr)
void init_probabilities_from_tagged_text (FILE *ftagged, FILE *funtagged)
void init_probabilities_kupiec (FILE *is)
void print_A ()
void print_ambiguity_classes ()
void print_B ()
void print_evaluation ()
void read_ambiguity_classes (istream &is)
void read_dictionary (FILE *is)
void read_probabilities (istream &is)
void set_debug (bool d)
void set_eos (TTag t)
void tagger (FILE *is, FILE *iseval=NULL, bool for_hand_tagging=false)
void train (FILE *is)
void write_ambiguity_classes (ostream &os)
void write_probabilities (ostream &os)
 ~HMM ()

Private Member Functions

set< TTag > find_similar_ambiguity_class (set< TTag > c)
void init ()

Private Attributes

double ** a
double ** b
ConstantManager constants
bool debug
TTag eos
struct data_tagger_eval eval_data
int M
int N
int nword
int nword_eval
set< TTag > open_class
Collection output
vector< string > prefer_rules
map< string, int > tags_index

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