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string TaggerWord::get_lexical_form_without_ignored_string ( TTag &  t,
int const   TAG_kEOF 

Get the lexical form (fine tag) for a given tag (coarse one)

t the tag
the lexical form of tag t without other text that is ignored.

Definition at line 138 of file TaggerWord.C.

  string ret;
     return ret;
  if (lexical_forms.size()==0) { //This is an unknown word
      ret +="*^"+superficial_form;
  } else if ((*lexical_forms.begin()).second[0]=='*') {  //This is an unknown word that has been guessed
    ret += "*^"+superficial_form;
  } else {
    ret +="^"+lexical_forms[t];
  if (ret.length() != 0) {
    if (plus_cut)
    else {
      ret +="$";  

  return ret;

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