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TransferMult Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TransferMultoperator= (TransferMult const &o)
void read (string const &datafile, string const &fstfile)
void transfer (FILE *in, FILE *out)
 TransferMult (TransferMult const &o)

Private Types

enum  OutputType { lu, chunk }

Private Member Functions

vector< wstring > acceptions (wstring str)
void applyRule ()
void applyWord (wstring const &word_str)
bool beginsWith (string const &str1, string const &str2) const
string caseOf (string const &str)
void copy (TransferMult const &o)
string copycase (string const &source_word, string const &target_word)
void destroy ()
bool endsWith (string const &str1, string const &str2) const
bool isDefaultWord (wstring const &str)
void readBil (string const &filename)
wstring readBlank (FILE *in)
void readData (FILE *input)
TransferTokenreadToken (FILE *in)
wstring readUntil (FILE *in, int const symbol) const
wstring readWord (FILE *in)
string tags (string const &str) const
string tolower (string const &str) const
void writeMultiple (list< vector< wstring > >::iterator itwords, list< wstring >::iterator itblanks, list< vector< wstring > >::const_iterator limitwords, wstring acum=L"", bool multiple=false)

Private Attributes

Alphabet alphabet
int any_char
int any_tag
map< string, ApertiumRE, Ltstr > attr_items
string ** blank
OutputType defaultAttrs
FSTProcessor fstp
Buffer< TransferTokeninput_buffer
bool isRule
map< string, set< string,
Ltstr >, Ltstr > 
map< string, set< string,
Ltstr >, Ltstr > 
map< string, int, Ltstr > macros
MatchExe * me
MatchState ms
unsigned int numwords
unsigned int nwords
FILE * output
wstring output_string
vector< wstring * > tmpblank
vector< wstring * > tmpword
map< string, string, Ltstr > variables
TransferWord ** word

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file transfer_mult.h.

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