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TransferWord Member List

This is the complete list of members for TransferWord, including all inherited members.
access(string const &str, ApertiumRE const &part)TransferWord [private]
assign(string &str, ApertiumRE const &part, string const &value)TransferWord [private]
copy(TransferWord const &o)TransferWord [private]
destroy()TransferWord [private]
init(string const &src, string const &tgt)TransferWord
operator=(TransferWord const &o)TransferWord
queue_lengthTransferWord [private]
s_strTransferWord [private]
setSource(ApertiumRE const &part, string const &value, bool with_queue=true)TransferWord
setTarget(ApertiumRE const &part, string const &value, bool with_queue=true)TransferWord
source(ApertiumRE const &part, bool with_queue=true)TransferWord
t_strTransferWord [private]
target(ApertiumRE const &part, bool with_queue=true)TransferWord
TransferWord(TransferWord const &o)TransferWord
TransferWord(string const &src, string const &tgt, int queue=0)TransferWord

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